ETS-Engineering Technical Support, Inc.

Technical Design Consultants for Engineers, Planners and Developers

Why outsource to ETS for all of your CADD needs or on an as needed basis?
As stated on our Home page, ETS is an American Owned and Operated Corporation. ETS is responsible for maintaining it's computer systems and keeping all of our software current with active licensing. When you consider the combined cost of hiring an experienced CADD Technician it can cost you an average of $60,000 annually and that is not considering your costs such as overhead which includes providing office space, licensing, equipment, software, health insurance, 401k, and continuing education seminars, etc. ETS spends upwards of $10,000 annually on software and licensing alone! We provide the the investment of hiring and training so that you do not have to. What happens when the job is completed? Is there another project for that employee to begin? Do you bear financial burden between projects so you do not let valuable talent slip away? Or worse, do you spend time and money training and equipping your engineering staff only to see them leave when you need them most? ETS can be your full-time out of office employee or can be trusted to fill in for emergencies such as maternal, medical leave or a heavy short term project schedule.

How do we get started and what should I expect?
ETS is confident in the abilities of it's staff to make working with you and your staff as seamless as possible. After initial contact, you will need to explain the nature of your project in detail. Communication is essential and it is critical for the client to provide us with as much information about the project as possible. We provide a Standard Services Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement as necessary.
You should be ready to provide us with the necessary information to get the project started. You may be asked to provide us with a sample project to use as an example of your standards. You may also be asked for a drawing of your border, font library, color table, etc. to aid us in meeting your standards.  We want you to feel as if the drawings were created in your office - not in ours.

What is ETS' Standard Rate?

ETS can work on an hourly cost plus rate or a lump sum fixed rate as agreed upon during contract negotiations. ETS provides free estimates after reviewing the scope of work and determining the specifics of the project, intensity, and software required.

What does ETS specialize in?
ETS specializes in all aspects of Computer Aided Drafting & Designing (CADD) particularly in Civil Design primarily using MicroStation and Geopak, a Roadway Modeling software. ETS is not limited to Civil Design however and specializes in all phases of CADD production listed on our services page. 
Having worked on numerous jobs for a variety of clients ETS has evolved into a CADD firm capable of drawings limited only to your imagination!

What other services can ETS provide?

ETS provides Computer Aided Drafting & Design Training, Data Management, Software installation and Computer Hardware setup. We can help setup your CADD department if you are just beginning your company or find that there may be need for improvement. Our firm has managed over 1,000 projects and still have access to each and every one!

What software(s) will  ETS use on my project?

ETS' Technical staff progressively seeks new technology to keep up with the demands of the engineering industry. As a Bentley Select Subscriber, we receive the latest release of Microstation with additional design modules every 6 months. Microstation is a full featured, productivity enhancing, 2D/3D computer-aided design product for drafting, design, visualization, analysis, data management, and modeling. The ETS Technical team primarily uses Microstation. Our other CADD design modules include AutoCad, Inroads, Geopak, Descartes, CivilDraft & 3D Modeler.

What is the preferred means of communication?
ETS uses telephone, email, and markups for general day to day work. We can however set up an ftp site for you and support web conferencing for larger projects based on client needs.

In what format can the drawings be sent?
supports a large variety of program files as well as the latest CAD software formats. Paper originals or copies can also be mailed straight to our office. We typically provide a set of pdf's during the duration of the project for review and additional comments. Once the project is complete we will provide you with a full set of pdf's and the original design files in the format agreed upon at the beginning of the project.

What kind of turnaround time can be expected?
strives to provide a reasonable and professional turnaround time the client can be satisfied with. ETS
will work around a tight deadline schedule whenever possible.